Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lockdown (Escape From Furnace # 1) by Alexander Gordon Smith

Lockdown (Escape From Furnace, #1)

Good Reads Summary

Furnace Penitentiary: An underground hellhole. A place of pure evil with walls soaked in blood. Murderous gangs and vicious guards rule the darkness. Horrific creatures steal people away in the dead of night. And the impossible - escape - is the only hope.

My Thoughts

The writing is very descriptive up to the point of being tedious but that’s fine because the plot’s simple enough to follow: Alex is not a good kid. He is a bully and a thief. His life of petty crime changes once he is sent to the Furnace. Now consider the tag line:

Beneath Heaven is Hell. Beneath Hell is Furnace.

Scary? Yes? No? If this were one’s first foray into the world of YA horror/thriller (or whatever genre Lockdown can be classified under,) I definitely say yes. But is it sad that I didn’t find it as scary as I was hoping? It’s not like Lockdown isn’t bloody, gory or violent ~ it’s all of those things. Are child labor, gang killings, skinless bloodthirsty dogs, men with gas masks permanently sewn onto their faces and a warden that may or may not be the devil himself, not scary enough? Have I been desensitized? Or maybe it’s that the descriptions got in my way.

It isn’t a girly book either with the happy absence of a romance; rather it’s focused on survival, escape... and friendship. Alex, well what can I say? He did/ does some dumb stuff but is relatable nonetheless. Who wouldn’t want to escape from the hell hole he’d found himself in. All the kids wanted out and their reactions were all very real… as in pee your pants, cry in your sleep and scream, kind of real. Surprisingly there were funny moments, especially from Zee. I love that kid!

It’s dark and descriptive(good thing? bad thing? you decide...)


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