Monday, July 4, 2011

Guantanamo Boy by Anna Perera

Guantanamo Boy

Good Reads Summary

Khalid, a 15-year-old Muslim boy from Rochdale, is abducted from Pakistan while on holiday with his family. He is taken to Guantanamo Bay and held without charge. An innocent denied his freedom at a time when Western boys are finding theirs, Khalid tries and fails to understand what's happening to him and cannot fail to be a changed young man.

My Thoughts

It took five chapters for me to get into it. I'd heard it was a "harrowing" tale and such and such, but all I was reading was a story of young man, a boy really, whose just like any other: Khalid loves his mother, follows his father and is not as aware of the goings-on as I'd have liked him to be. When he and his family go on a vacation things change. And harrowing things did become.

I can tell you precisely which line had me paying closer attention. When someones says, "You don't have any legal rights here..." there is no option but to pay attention. There was, however, one specific moment that had me drawing back, said moment could only be described as preachy. But if anyone were entitled to being such, it's Khalid. And its isn't that I'm knocking his message. I am not because who would knock a call for kindness?

It's sad, upsetting, depressing, and terrifying...And a boy changed is all that could have resulted.


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