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The Hidden Goddess (Native Star # 2) by M.K. Hobson

The Hidden Goddess (The Native Star, #2)

Good Read Summary

In a brilliant mix of magic, history, and romance, M. K. Hobson moves her feisty young Witch, Emily Edwards, from the Old West of 1876 to turn-of-the-nineteenth-century New York City, whose polished surfaces conceal as much danger as anything west of the Rockies.

Like it or not, Emily has fallen in love with Dreadnought Stanton, a New York Warlock as irresistible as he is insufferable. Newly engaged, she now must brave Dreadnought’s family and the magical elite of the nation’s wealthiest city. Not everyone is pleased with the impending nuptials, especially Emily’s future mother-in-law, a sociopathic socialite. But there are greater challenges still: confining couture, sinister Russian scientists, and a deathless Aztec goddess who dreams of plunging the world into apocalypse. With all they must confront, do Emily and Dreadnought have any hope of a happily-ever-after?
My Thoughts

This was not what I was expecting. With Dreadnought about to be invested as the Institute's Sophos, there was little chance of him and Emily getting together. It's this separation that allowed for a lot of discovery. This second book brought me back to what I loved in Native Star: adventure and a peculiar mix of magic and fantasy. It was a little heavy on the true love stuff. BUT as both of them discover, sometimes that just isn't enough. It's that last bit that had me reading on.

There are so many discoveries in this one, so many aspects of their personalities, their responsibilities and history that ccme in to view. I honestly don't know if I liked what I found. One thing is certain, theirs is not a simple relationship.

First, what the hell had gotten into the two of them? This was not the Emily I'd come to admire in Native Star. If then, she was all take charge (sometimes blindly so,) here, she allowed her to be swept along by others. And that thing with the kissing, to get her to shush up? That. Seriously. Pissed. Me. Off. What had become of her? If this was what 'true love' was her doing, I was really not so sure of the direction of the book.

Then Dreadnought?! Holy Hell... all that secrecy and sweeping her off to the side to "protect" her? I don't remember him being so protective! I recall both of them giving as good as they got. I recall them fighting at every turn not afraid to call each other out. But here? Everyone was worried about what the other would feel. It got on my nerves.

It's the last couple of chapters that truly excited me. Prior to that it was all behind the scenes subterfuge, manipulation and betrayal. Not bad, (exciting in it's own right,) but not as exciting as a knife-nailed dark goddess, me thought. Seriously, though? There was danger coming at them from all sides, even from one least expected to be a threat.

There was one thing that I saw coming but still wish had not come to pass: Love triangle (square?) Ah, Dmitri. He's mysterious different, focused and motivated by something else. That he falls for her and wants to protect her, I thought wasn't a necessary addition to an already complicated story. At first, I really liked him and his motivations. I just wish their relationship (his and Emily's) had not veered into where it did (through no fault of Emily's.) I really could have done without that change in the dynamics! Already, I was doubting the wisdom of an Emily and Dreadnought pairing, throwing Dmitri in was a bit a little too much for me.I will say that I liked his role as reluctant protector. I liked the similarity of his and Emily's histories.

The first part was rough, but good golly, the second part made all that effort worth it.


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