Sunday, December 11, 2011

Junk Miles (Brenna Blixen #2) by Liz Reinhardt

Junk Miles (A Brenna Blixen Novel)

Good Reads Summary

Kissing someone other than your boyfriend is cheating.

But what about thinking about kissing someone other than your boyfriend?

What about thinking about it a lot?

Brenna Blixen has the perfect boyfriend. He's sweet, sexy, loyal, and sure that Brenna is the best thing that's ever happened to him. But being the perfect girlfriend isn't as easy as Brenna thought it would be, and the pressure that comes with trying to be Jake's everything is beginning to weigh on her. When her mother surprises her with a trip to Paris over winter break, she's torn. She anticipated spending her vacation snuggling with Jake Kelly, ice-skating, drinking cocoa, and relaxing...but what girl in her right mind would turn down a trip to Paris?

Things only get more confusing when she winds up unexpectedly and unavoidably thrown into Saxon Maclean's arms in the City of Lights. Far away from the comfort and stability she finds at Jake's side, Brenna faces down the feelings that have been swirling through her since the day she laid eyes on Saxon. Is it fair for her to call herself Jake's girlfriend when she has so many unresolved feelings about someone else?

Brenna is determined to figure it all out, even if it means making some of the hardest decisions of her entire life. She also learns that every single thing she does has rippling repercussions, some that fill her with total regret. By the time she figures out what her heart truly wants, she realizes that she may not be able to have it after all.

This book is recommended for Older/Mature YA.

My Thoughts

There were parts that I enjoyed. Brenna is still figuring herself out AND still drawn to both boys. She makes mistakes but so do the boys. Her voice is realistic, if a little self-involved. It’s still geared to a more mature audience, with the sex and exploration and what not, but there is more drama (as to the last, is that a good thing or not?)

Now, faced with the ever present love triangle, do I want to start this by settling on which of her choices was hotter? Should I? Really? If Double Clutch was mostly her being torn between two equally smokin’ choices, Junk Miles highlights precisely what’s not to like in either Jake or Saxon… most especially in Saxon. He has a lot of face time in this one. But as usual, he could be douche. Yet, there were moments when he wasn’t. But, the girl does like her bad boys, *shrugs* Then there’s Jake who showed just how little he thought of himself (reformed bad boy and all that) and how much he thinks of her (too much at times.) And it’s these two things that gives her pause.

I could understand her misgivings, as she made a couple of valid points (really I could.) But, still, I had problems with her choices. A lot of what she thought and a lot of what she did made perfect sense… too perfect as if almost rehearsed. She did not want to be pegged as anyone’s girl; consequently the girl acts, indulges then does some pretty selfish things. Add the fact that her mother encourages her to indulge and stuff. It all sounded right, but there was one thing holding me back… what about the others around her? It was all “I am confused,” or “I don’t know what I want.” And because of those things she ‘branches out’ and tries other things. These is not bad a thing, but it didn’t mean that she had to go about it the way she did, and break so many hearts along the way.

Basically, girl wanting to prove she’s her own woman does not equal being selfish and insensitive.


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