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Aces Up by Lauren Barnholdt

Aces UpAces Up by Lauren Barnholdt

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Shannon Card sounds ridiculously young, definitely younger than her purported seventeen. Coupled with a tendency to over react, say things without thinking them through and then coming up with whopping lies, it was a wonder that she thought to get  away with what she was doing.

Family stuff. There’s little to know about them. Emphasis is on her and her sister and if anything it was the only positive I could see in all this.  At first glance, it’s Shannon who seems to have it all: the smarts, a goal and a plan, but events later prove otherwise. It’s Robyn who’s in fact got it together. The ups and downs and issues of trust, telling or not telling between them were OK additions, but there were too many things going on beyond the home front. Things are not helped by her tendency to be bratty. IMO, It felt like she was lording it over her family that she was doing something. Though how that was done is contrary her doing what she did on the sly. )

The Lead. (Not that much of a lead though.)  The biggest thing I disliked is how I felt she seemed to feel that she was different from others. Take her screwed up interaction with Parvati, her math archnemesis, whom she saw as totally false, being fake kind and sometimes a bit little condescending. The truth is, Shannon acted fake just like the other. Or her being bothered by how her coworkers dressed up, cleavage baring outfits and over the top make up and what not, when not two pages later she’s done up in the same way. 

Boys. There’s not that much to them. On the one hand, there’s Max, former BFF, who’s capable of being an ass in one moment then a sweet and present the next. I like what he could do, but he did some pretty crappy things here. That said, my dislike is not limited to him, Shannon’s simply too big a target. Drama Queen?  Liar? Self Absorbed? All apply to her. Then there’s Cole. For a few moments there, I thought things would be different. I thought Shannon too  would be different with him. I was wrong. It took too long for her to see what was what. That she realized that something was wrong, good. That it took that long, not so good.


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