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Fated by Sarah Alderson

FatedFated by Sarah Alderson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

* really 3.5

Sarah Alderson has a knack for stories of this kind. And by stories of this kind, I mean those that pair up unlikely people together in a story that if not mystery-filled then with some pretty interesting twists in them. Plus the action, when there was some, went non-stop. Plus have I mentioned how hot most of them seem to be? Definitely, no wilting wall flowers here or scrawny barely there boys either. And sure I wasn’t blown away by her Hunting Lila, yet I surprise myself yet again, because despite FATED not being that different in theme from the former, it wasn’t bad at all. It read like an action movie, which was just what I was in the mood for; in fact, I rather enjoyed most of it.

It’s a quick trip through a world split, filled with people with their own intentions. Now don’t read that deeply into any of them - the story and the people do have flaws, but if you can take an alpha type who’s taken to a loner type. Having them fall for each other despite the numerous reasons for the same not to do so well this is the one for you. And it was for me, this time around, at least.

I could forgive Evie’s Dru-esque (from the Strange Angels 2 through 4) impersonation somewhere in the middle of the book. Because if at first, she’s tough and prickly, and all gung ho about going with the program, her falling into slumps of ‘don’t expect me to be happy’ were points that made the most sense in this book. And I was all yes, I feel what your saying girl when she fell in those moments. Yet it was one step forward and two back for her with me because when Tom was in the picture, well I was scratching my head.

Then take Lucas. Oh, please do take Lucas, who - pardon my being extremely superficial – read hot, hot, hot. If at first, he was pretty standard in being one of the best at what he did and being motivated by past pain then doing what needed be, the turn in events in his department while not a surprise (at all) still felt inexplicable. Because, yes, in this one is yet another ‘I love you and shall die for you’ tale. It’s still fun though.

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