Friday, January 13, 2012

Pink by Lili Wilkinson

PinkPink by Lili Wilkinson

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There were moments when Ava went 'I'm ashamed of me' that I was nodding along… because I was ashamed of her too. This bright girl was prone to sticking her foot in it and saying the most awkward of things. Talk of normal versus common is likely to piss some one off... and I'm not the exception. But I’ll be frank, Ava on one hand endearing and on the other positively infuriating.


She’s unsure of what she wants, what she wants and who she is. She’s not a hundred percent on what makes her her. And I get that. I even respect the fact that she voices these things out, if not to others, then at least to herself. There’s a moment or two where she says what’s on her mind without really thinking things through. Sometimes, she says the most brilliant of things, other times not at all. I like that she sees herself doing things. She sees herself singing, dancing and doing all manner of things. I like that she sees possibility in herself. I respect her putting herself out there and going about it her way.

And it’s her way that had me laughing and screwing my eyes shut, hoping that what I knew was coming wouldn’t happen. Because dear me, some of the fixes she found herself were cringe-worthy at best, and disastrous at worst. Case in point: oh gods, her audition! How I cringed, I can not tell you.  Or her sparring with Sam and Jules and the other Screws: simultaneously enlightening and hilarious. Or her molding herself to be less screwed up and just a little more run-of-the-mill. And then there’s her love of pink.


Yet, a lot of her actions were infuriating too. While she’d voiced her concerns out early on, some of the thing she did just showed what little regard she had of others for Chloe in particular. Yes, Chloe had time and again proven how far from perfect she was, but Ava was far from perfect too. 

As said, she's uncertain, she’d not really settled on who she liked and who she was. Again, I respect that she’d voiced the uncertainty out, but I didn’t like the direction she took it. Basically there's lying, hiding, pretending, and half-truths. All surprising, given that she was smart, and had in several moments shown the ability to put herself out there and be independent. Were the things that happened funny? Yes. But still, these same things brought things to a higher level of drama, higher than necessary.

Yet, despite my complaints, the ending that saved things for me. It’s another open ending that doesn’t put a definitive answer on who she is or who she could like. It leaves her and things about her as open and flexible. There’s that possibility to her and her story that I like. She’s a person in the making and it's this fact that I might be what I like most of all.

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