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Starters by Lissa Price

StartersStarters by Lissa Price

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I’ll be frank. STARTERS came short of something I’d have probably enjoyed. It’s just that I had a so many issues with it. I’ve read so many books of world order altering diseases and the outcome that Callie’s world read similar to the lot of those. Add the fact that the characters could have been so much more; they had potential, but there’s potential unmet here because Callie and Michael and Blake and even Old Man never reached theirs.

Her potential lay in being strong and doing what needed to be done; the boys’ potential lay in being more than love interests. And finally, there’s The Old Man, (who IMO was the most interesting character,) little was said as to who he was and what drove him. But what’s worse is, in the final moments of the book, a touch creepy came out of nowhere. Things were not helped by them seeming stilted. Her interactions with Blake felt manufactured and out of nowhere. That they became special to each other is explained later on, but while it was happening, well, I will just say that it felt ‘off.’ 

I think I’d have liked it more if there were a greater sense of urgency as called for by the situation, but Callie’s reactions things just flowed along.  The pacing is not helped by the sudden dumping of histories. I found it funny that a character just met could make an off hand lengthy explanation on the background of the chip, or even their own personal histories. Even the changes in location and people would have been interesting additions to this story, YET they still didn’t do anything for me: from slums to big mansions to institutions; from friendlies to renegades to Marshalls. Or Enders versus Starters? Ah! All those bits read interesting; it’s simply too bad that none of them were tackled in detail.

I suppose my biggest problem is there’s a lot going on but not that much detail. And while others still on the post apocalyptic, virus altered world kick will enjoy this, it just wasn’t for me. See for yourself though.


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