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The Statistical Probabilty of Love at First Sight by Jennifer Smith

The Statistical Probability of Love at First SightThe Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight is less a love story and more on reconnecting and forgiving. But you know what, Hadley?  I’m torn between sighing over how unbelievably lovely things went and nitpicking over how neat things turned out, (there‘s simply that nagging part of me that’s held back by the “unbelievably” part.) I like you, Hadley. You’re brave and at least you try to say what’s on your mind… if not to the one that matters then at least to a total strange. Yes, you be brave… but some things just didn’t compute. 

Tidy seems to be the most apt thing I can label the story with. It’s this same thing that has me feeling less than enthusiastic over it. Most everything turned out the way things should have. Personally, I’d have stuck to early feelings of hurt and being betrayed. I simply could not get my head wrapped around how easily things seemed to go, especially where her father was concerned. Of course, the story did stress the two year lapse, so what happened might indeed have been a long time coming. But reading from where I was, the sudden about face in her feelings felt a tad too neat.Tidy, as I’ve stressed repeatedly. And maybe, just maybe, some of the same could be accounted for by Oliver’s role in the story. But that boy’s role in the whole story was minimal to say the least. I would have loved to learn a little more of him, but the title doesn’t say “…Love at First Sight,” for naught.

Hadley and Oliver. A few hours and boom, there’s love in the air. Highly unlikely but not impossible, if we’re to follow the story. Yet, color me pleasantly surprised because despite that being the title it really isn’t the only thing the story is about. While I enjoyed the two of them together (from being strangers to being a little more for each other,) the story really is one of a daughter figuring out who she is in a family that’s changed so completely.

Tidy, but if you’re in the mood for sweet endings this is the one for you. (Plus it’s a quick read.)


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