Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Amplified by Tara Kelly

AmplifiedAmplified by Tara Kelly

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Normally I’d be all a-gush over this music filled novel, of a girl coming into her own as well as a boy to die for… but something was missing because I’m not (gushing, I mean) . It’s an OK book though with Jasmine Kiss who’s more than a music loving, guitar playing girl. She WAS daddy’s little girl. She TRIED her best in school, but she really loves music and wants more of it. SO she makes time and gets leaves home-  all this in the first couple of chapters.

Here’s what I did like. They all know their music, from Veta, Sean, and Bryn and yes even Jasmine. I say this even if some of their lyrics sounded corny. But what’s better is that some of them were more than the music. Veta in particular, going out of her way to make Jasmine be OK, then showing different sides of her that ranged from bitchy rabid protective to being all psychic and what not. Or Jasmine for that matter; it’s her and her going after what she wanted despite the lack of support, that rang true to me, with her passion that was so obvious, I couldn’t help but be hopeful for her even if I was a bit meh for her in general.

HOWEVER, everyone else could be practically swept aside. Take Sean who’s the sort-of bad boy, the once been burned, love interest. There’s really nothing new to him, though he did make moments with her very interesting. Bryn too could have brought in so much more. There’s mention of him and his past, just not as specific as I’d have wanted (And I wanted.)

Have I mentioned the corny lyrics? Sorry, I simply can’t get over it.

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