Monday, February 20, 2012

Good For You (Between the Lines #3) by Tammara Webber

Good For You (Between the Lines, #3)Good For You by Tammara Webber

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Good for You is study in contrast that takes things one step too far because I just didn’t buy their pairing (at first.) A good portion of it had me wondering what they saw in each other what with Dori being positively positive and Reid being…  not.

What’s surprises me a little though is how much I didn’t hate Reid. My opinion of him in books one and two were far from positive and I could sum him up thus:  a self involved a** who was a bit too-Hollywood for my liking.  Yet here, he is different… so different in fact, that I felt like I was reading a totally different character. So is this a good thing or not? Given my absolute loathing for him in the prior installments was this different side of him a change for the better? I’m not sure how to answer that because any move toward the positive that I was inclined to have for this book (in general) kept being hauled by back by Dori and her wholesomeness.

Dori was just too good at being good. Of course, later portions reveal a reason for the same. Still, too happy/ too good/ too perfect characters are just not my thing because when she was out doing good, made up cusses and all, I simply never found myself engaged in the story. It’s a good thing that she was that way only at first and only it seems to emphasize how different they were. Again later revelations showed that she had her own drama to deal with and it’s when she dealt with her drama head on that a side of her I could root for popped out.

This was an OK end to an OK series.


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