Friday, February 3, 2012

New Girl by Paige Harbison

New GirlNew Girl by Paige Harbison

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

If retellings were written to make one want to read the originals, NEW GIRL has done its job (for me at least). 

I feel for Becca as I did for Bridget (in Here Lies Bridget.) There’s nothing more to them her other than the fact that she’s a horrible person. And it was never more evident that when she was with Max. All her plotting and manipulating, showed just how little she regard she had for others. Add the fact that there was little remorse fro her in what she was doing. And while she showed strength and purpose, her actions simply went beyond the line of what I could stomach. My point? That she’s a bad, bad girl had been hammered into me, so I saw no other thing in her... heck, I couldn’t even feel sorry for her when the situation called for it.

As to the New Girl… it was different that her name was only revealed later; better even was that I only really noticed after her name had been called out. Such a fact simply points to how quickly I became engaged in their stories and how easily their two storylines meshed. Back to New Girl and what if felt for her: in a situation that’s less than ideal, I was surprised to see that she could be strong. Yes, there were drops into self pity (nobody likes me), but overall, she had a spine and used it.

Then there’s Dana who… Holy crap... was simply the most interesting out of all of them. I didn’t know what drove her, I could not put my finger on what made her tick… but that she’d freak out every so often... with no apparent reason, made her stand out. With Becca, it was all about me, myself and I. With New Girl, it was all… I’m new or Nobody likes me or I don’t want to be her... but with Dana, I simply didn’t know what was what (until the very end of course).

Now what’s there to say about the love interests? Both are pivotal in linking Becca to New Girl and vise versa. But what read ‘off ‘to me was how vastly different they came across with Becca then later with the New Girl. And OK where one was suave and cool, the other’s laid back and approachable… but beyond those things? There’s not much to add really.

But like I said, the writing kept me rooted because it flowed. I was never bored. Outraged, yes. Pissed off, certainly. Bored? Never. Because New Girl was intriguing and mysterious and kept me guessing… sure there were some iffy bits (see how the entire story gets started )(and icky bits as well,) but otherwise, I am relieved to have read this especially given the string of really bad books I’ve read of late.



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