Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sloppy Firsts (Jessica Darling #1) by Megan McCafferty

Sloppy Firsts (Jessica Darling, #1)Sloppy Firsts by Megan McCafferty

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Notso Darling indeed.

Jessica Darling made me laugh. Her keen observations and way with words had me holding a pillow over my face to keep from laughing too loudly. And while she might have hated the company she kept, I can’t but help feeling that she’d have fitted in with me and mine way back when... Oh, the sarcasm! Everything in this girl’s head (at least the rude/funny bits) passed through ours at one time or another. Take her making up songs or bestowing not so flattering names on other people because they could behave so ridiculously? We did those things (and more) too! Only where she had Hope and her journal, we had the Notebook (and yes, the four notebooks we used were all called ‘the Notebook.’) We’d plop ourselves down in the lobby pass the Notebook from one person to the next elaborating on what one had written/drawn/pasted before. We could go hours on end nitpicking over something or laughing over how funny/strange/rude/inappropriate our creations could be.

Beyond this bit, I swear there were moments when I could have plucked her journal from her and plonked it on her head. I agreed with everyone else whenever they’d point out her whining over Hope was getting old. Actually, her whining in general got old. What’s funny is how she knew she was in need of perspective, going all out to explain that she had some but only later to revert to being whiny and prickly.

Now Marcus… what’s to be said? He’s not a bad addition. He was even more than pretty interesting close to the end. But while not a bad addition, really Sloppy Firsts is all about Jessica. She’s funny, sassy, prickly, rude, and observant. And she’s not completely boxed in (with her combination of Athlete and Brain) but she was so prone to boxing others in with all those labels of Dregs and Ravers and Cheerleaders flying her head. 

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