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Forgiven (Demon trappers#3) by Jana Oliver

Forgiven (The Demon Trappers, #3)
Good Reads Summary
Forgiven by Jana Oliver

Jana Oliver's third spellbinding Demon Trappers novel - following The Demon Trapper's Daughter and Soul Thief - brings all new thrills, as Riley Blackthorne takes on demons, love... and the future of the human race.

The days are growing darker for 17-year-old demon trapper Riley Blackthorne. With her father’s reanimated body back safely, Beck barely speaking to her because of a certain hunky Fallen angel, and a freshly-made deal with Lucifer, she has enough on her hands to last a normal teenage lifetime. Though she bargained with Heaven to save his life, her ex-boyfriend Simon has told the Vatican’s Demon Hunters that she’s working with Hell. So now she’s in hiding, at the top of everyone’s most-wanted list.

But it’s becoming clear that this is bigger than Riley, and rapidly getting out of control:  something sinister is happening in Atlanta… or someone. The demons are working together for the first time ever and refusing to die, putting civilians in harm’s way. Riley thinks she might know who’s behind it all, but who’s going to believe her? Caught between her bargain with Heaven and her promise to Lucifer, Riley fears the final war is coming – and it may be closer than anyone thinks…

My Thoughts
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

This series just keeps getting better and better.

The first one, I wasn’t so impressed with. From its maybe love triangle to the annoying way they all talked, let me just say that it I wasn’t buying it. Book two was much better with it being less on the Backwoods Boy and the Princess thing and a little more on them as individuals. And separately, what they had going all read just a little more interesting. It became less a teen romance and more an action adventure with the demon trapper girl trying to figure out what her place was and who was “true” around her. But this third one is even better than the last! (Well, at least it was before that ending.) In this one she realizes some things, then he realizes some things as well… but just when I thought all would be well… *blam* there was that ending.

So I’m torn. This was heavy on action what with all the Hunters and Trappers then Demons, Fallen and Summoners as well as her daddy being a zombie having all been thrown in. But it wasn’t all that. In this one, the girl actually sounds like she’s thinking instead of whining about how messed up her life and her relationships had gotten. As said, realizations were made and her behavior, as a consequence, was more measured and less explosively emotional (i.e. less walking out and more consideration.)You could a say that I like her a little more in this one. Just as I feel with Beck, again, at least before that ending.

I look forward to the next one. (There has to be a next one because things can’t be left just as they are  right now!)


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