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to break the monotony of this book blog, i'm talking about what's had me stoked since march thirteenth. i've been a bit out of touch with what's current but i'd heard THG was to be released on the 23rd, so when I learned it was out TWO DAYS earlier here, i've been very very happy. even more so when gifted with tickets for opening:

my 'golden'  ticket

we made sure to get there early (as in three hours in advance) but it seemed we weren't the only ones with that idea. luckily, we came prepared. in my case with a two liter bottle of an apple green tea juice mix and a wrist breaking copy of 1Q84 (the person next to me went with Riordan's Red Pyramid.)

got a good chunk of it done too!

then it was just a matter of waiting .... and waiting... and waiting...

my companion said, he never knew that 'doing nothing could be so tiring'

... and being glad that we didn't find ourselves on the end of this line here:

thank the gods, for bright ideas!

the movie itself? in a word:

a smarter person than i expressed what i couldn't: had i bothered to do a re-read, i'd likely have been doing a scene-to-page comparison. so going in with the details blurry was a fine idea. why? the major points were there and they brought back my reactions when reading the book.

never mind what could have been physical dissimilarities, these people delivered, katniss, rue and president snow especially. the main negative i came to was how it was all about KATNISS; the relationships i loved in the books (the ones that had me feeling that she wasn't alone) seemed not to be the focus. i'm ok and not ok with that.

see, in the book, i loved her with gale; then i loved her with peeta. later still i loved her and cinna... the movie just didn't touch that much on them together. it was all about katniss.

the other negative is how short it felt to me. was the movie to short? it seemed a tad shorter than how long i felt the book was when i read it (ages ago.)

nevertheless, with moments of blood-and-gore, and other moments that had my heart a-gallop, then rue's bit having me bawl like a baby (as in tears-streaming-down-my face, folks!) this particular movie experience was one of the more enjoyable i've had in the longest time. both because of the movie itself and what we had to do to get to watch it.

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