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Black Heart (Curse Workers #3) by Holly Black

Black Heart (Curse Workers, #3)
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Black Heart by Holly Black

Cassel Sharpe knows he’s been used as an assassin, but he’s trying to put all that behind him. He’s trying to be good, even though he grew up in a family of con artists and cheating comes as easily as breathing to him. He’s trying to do the right thing, even though the girl he loves is inextricably connected with crime. And he’s trying to convince himself that working for the Feds is smart, even though he’s been raised to believe the government is the enemy.

But with a mother on the lam, the girl he loves about to take her place in the Mob, and new secrets coming to light, the line between what’s right and what’s wrong becomes increasingly blurred. When the Feds ask Cassel to do the one thing he said he would never do again, he needs to sort out what’s a con and what’s truth. In a dangerous game and with his life on the line, Cassel may have to make his biggest gamble yet—this time on love.

My Thoughts
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

*picks up self after swooning... then swoons again*

Yay! Here's something I actually lovelovelove. Never mind the long cringe inducing jag of sucky book after sucky book because the good ones always make up for all the face/palm, head/desk body floor moments. Black Heart is definitely one of the goods one. It is, I dare say, an awesome conclusion to a series quite different from its peers.

I enjoyed the darker feel to it, how "not good" any of them were. I also got a kick out of the humor it’s laced with: most everything that took place (intended or not) had me trying not to laugh. Also there's a romance that’s not too angsty; that has a beginning that made sense and an ending that had me feeling satisfied.

I should make a decent review but what I’m feeling is slightly  sentimental over the end of a series I’ve been following since day one. I love how they perceive themselves then how they present themselves to others. They are not good guys and they don’t fool themselves into thinking the same. It’s It’s of course Cassel who’s had more issues with that fact that anyone else. His problems are made worse by a family not quite trustworthy and a love life that sucks.

It’s his family that’s different too. They each want what’s best: best for themselves first, then for those close to them. Cassel and Barron especially made for an odd couple in this one considering the things that had happened previously. I love the turn in their relationship with of them trying to be better. OK, wait I have to get it out there: I love Barron...but I feel sorry for Barron too.

The love story too is one paid attention to. Not too much drama and one that worked for me. His and Lila’s story has been long and drawn and it’s about time they both got (* spoiler removed*) The progress of them together had me feeling excited/mushy… something! Her and him, definite high notes for me.

Now that the series the series is over and Cassel and Barron are who they are, I can say… I loved every moment of this. Not one of them are “good” good people but they do match. They go together so well… and I love the progression of this story, how different it is from its peers. How bad he is, how lost he feels and how he sees himself always coming up to short. Or Barron! See? I knew there was a reason for my liking him.

*Now to get White Cat in the same cover to make them match.

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