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Freeze Frame by Heidi Ayarbe

Freeze Frame
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Freeze Frame by Heidi Ayarbe

No matter how many times Kyle rewrites the scene, he can't get it right. He tries it in the style of Hitchcock, Tarantino, Eastwood, all of his favorite directors—but regardless of the style, he can't remember what happened that day in the shed. The day Jason died. And until he can, there is one question that keeps haunting Kyle: Did he kill his best friend on purpose?

Debut novelist Heidi Ayarbe delves into the depths of the human psyche as Kyle wrestles with inner demons that make him wonder whether the world will ever be okay again—or if the best thing to do is find a way to join Jason.

My Thoughts

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“I never forget that Jason was my best friend.”
“No. But you do forget that you were his.”


Kyle’s got a nifty way of thinking about things then presenting them. The thing is, like him, I didn’t quite understand all the mollycoddling that followed. His guilt, his confusion… both these, came across loud and clear. Him pushing others away, him feeling like he’d let everyone down, and they Jason given the decision? I felt it all plausible. His not remembering, his pain… then him trying to cope made this not the easiest of reads, but it was OK.

Kyle aside, most everyone around him did have their moments of truth. While the mollycoddling had me reacting as he did (as in, really now?) his parents’ “What now?” felt just right. The aftermath of his father seeming to shrink before his eyes then his mother not quite knowing what to do all felt like the most likely outcomes. But it was his sister in particular who surprised me. Her whole take on things felt slightly limited but honest. Her anger felt like it was directed at the right person, in the right time... and he took it. It’s her reception and honest contribution to it all that had me continuing.

There’s of course, the one by one addition of new people in his life. Take Mr. Cardoba and his own mystery. I knew there was something more to him, and for him to reveal it at almost the same pace that Kyle was revealing his own pain felt… fair. Then take Clock and how Kyle’s eyes opened to how they were in the same boat… but not quite. Ultimately though, it’s the Bishop’s who had me curious. Precocious Chase, who needs protecting has Kyle step up and pick up where the bigger brother couldn’t.  And while it’d feel too hallmark sweet, it felt just right. Both the younger boy and the older were trying move on but not quite ready to do so.

It’s a sad start but with an ending that leaves me a slightly hopeful.


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