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Slammed by Colleen Hoover

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Slammed by Colleen Hoover

'Slammed' is the first of a two book series.

After the unexpected death of her father forces eighteen year old Layken and her family to move across the country, away from everyone and everything she knows, her outlook on life is anything but hopeful.

Enter Will Cooper: the attractive twenty-one year old new neighbor with an intriguing passion for slam poetry. After a night together that turns out to be everything but the expected, both Layken and Will are left with feelings they never knew they could have. Unfortunately in Layken's life, things are never what they seem. Just as quickly as it develops, their relationship is derailed by a shocking revelation, sparking a tumultuous battle between their hearts and their ethics.

As if the dramatic turn of events in her life isn't enough, Layken is slammed again when her mother reveals a secret of her own. A secret so intense, all of Layken's current problems pale in comparison to her seemingly insurmountable future. Unable to confront the changes that lie ahead of her, Layken ignores her conscience as she turns to Will for solace. Struggles ensue as both Layken and Will search for a balance between that which keeps them apart and the feelings that pull them together.

Slammed is the first installment of a two-part series. The second installment, Point of Retreat, will be available on Amazon beginning March 2nd, 2012.

My Thoughts
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Rocky start, I kid you not. But there were a couple of genuine moments in this one that have me considering it even after I’d pit it down. This is so even with the hokey poetry here and there, but as quotes, poetry is the point. So, I let that part of it slide. And I’m not ashamed to have skimmed through some of the more meh- ones, but there’s one or two on in this one that I actually bought into (the last especially.)

Slammed began with tragedy and rarely got easier. About the only points where I was not pulled down by the predicament(s) she found herself in, were those sweet funny moments brought on by her precocious little brother and his best friend. Their talking backwards and cancer lungs costumes added a lot to my liking them as a unit. But that kid aside, there actually were genuine moments in this one. And I was surprised that I did given the way things started. With him seeing her and her seeing him, and them finding something inexplicably special in the other. I rolled my eyes, I did. But I went with it, waiting to see just where the drama would pop up. Once it became evident what the source of conflict would be… I felt myself distancing from the story and reading just for the sake of... I have no idea.

Lukewarm. Yes, that’s how I felt for their drama. I just couldn’t muster up enough enthusiasm it. All those it’s just not possible tortured goings on bored me a little. The initial reactions on what to do and how to do something had me thinking something more was coming, when all the while all I getting were a series of the same tortured moments on both their ends, well… things got old. Until, something unexpected came hitting her out of nowhere.

After that, the melodrama stepped up a couple of notches, but it’s her eventual realizations that actually made me like her and the story more.  And while I do confess to skimming a couple of poems in this one, I have to say, I like the neat way she wrapped up everything/everyone. Her take on Eddie, on her mother, on her litter brother … and even on the source of most her heartache, all felt right on the nail. But mostly it was her take on their dilemma of putting somebody first, second or third; on a weighing of what’s important… that felt the most sad but also factual. And I enjoyed some of it, not all of it. It was those points that veered toward the melodrama of teacher/student that had me squirmy and uncomfortable, yet outside that part of it, especially as I consider her as daughter, sister and friend…dare I repeat myself? Those bits were sad, factual… genuine.


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