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In Too Deep by Amanda Grace

In Too Deep
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In Too Deep by Amanda Grace

Carter didn't rape me. People at school think he did. Suddenly, new friends are rushing to my side, telling me that Carter hurt them, too. They say he's getting what he deserves.

Maybe I don't want to fix this.

Sam is in love with her best friend Nick, but she can't seem to tell him. So she decides to flirt with golden-boy Carter Wellesley, hoping Nick will see it and finally realize his true feelings for her.

On Monday, everyone at school is saying that Carter raped Sam. He didn't, but Sam can't find the words to tell the truth. Worst of all, she's afraid she'll lose Nick if he finds out what really happened.

As graduation approaches, Sam discovers that living the lie isn't as easy as her new friends make it sound--and telling the truth might be even worse.

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My Thoughts
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

"Some things can't be undone..."

It took me two hours to read this and I loved every second of it... not because it's a quick read or because the topic is different, though it is both those, but because the way things have been going lately, me knowing that I don't have to get up at butt o'clock the next morning is a positively wonderful thing.

Now, the book itself?

It was interesting (and quick) and surprising too given me thinking it would be all serious and sad. Surprising especially with moments of it with me putting it down because of some cringe-worthy events. I truly didn't expect any high school humiliation in this one~ the funny kind and not the mean ones like in Carie (even if both types are present here.)

The people are actually pretty straightforward. There's Sam, then there's Nick and Carter as well. You'd think the two boys would play big part in this, but it's all really about Sam and stuff she realizes! Sam feels herself unremarkable. She's not as smart as her best friend, considers herself cute at best, and has aspirations toward writing. She's hatched a plan to get a guy and when things don't go as expected gets smashed; hours later and people think something bad's been done. From there we see her be happy with what’s come out of it all then be all torn up about what should be done except that everybody else makes doing so such a hard thing. To this end, it's his having been an ass that seemed to justify what's done... and it's not right especially the level things reach, to but if we were gauging things on how effective the teen revenge thing was going that bit was pretty effective. And I've said this before, but it bears repeating: girls can be scary, too (as both Dare Meand Burn for Burn have established.)

It's an interesting story too because obviously what's going on is not right, but all these other factors come into play like how her boyfriend's all protective and the other guy is not a completely stand up guy to begin with. And how half of everyone believes one thing because they've experienced first hand what the guy can be like, others believe otherwise... because how could they not? Interesting how things like loyalty and reputation play a part in all this. Plus, it could have been more than a little disappointing: how she’s painted, taking path of least resistance has never felt so negative to me than it does after Sam, but she’s real...

-in feeling stifled,
-in wanting more and
-even in her inability to face up to things ‘til almost too late.


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