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Live Through This by Mindi Scott

Live Through This
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Live Through This by Mindi Scott

From the outside, Coley Sterling’s life seems pretty normal . . . whatever that means. It’s not perfect—her best friend is seriously mad at her and her dance team captains keep giving her a hard time—but Coley’s adorable, sweet crush Reece helps distract her. Plus, she has a great family to fall back on—with a mom and stepdad who would stop at nothing to keep her siblings and her happy.

But Coley has a lot of secrets. She won’t admit—not even to herself—that her almost-perfect life is her own carefully-crafted façade. That for years she’s been burying the shame and guilt over a relationship that crossed the line. Now that Coley has the chance at her first real boyfriend, a decade’s worth of lies are on the verge of unraveling.

In this unforgettable powerhouse of a novel, Mindi Scott offers an absorbing, layered glimpse into the life of an everygirl living a nightmare that no one would suspect.

My Thoughts
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Should I say that she's faking her way through high school? Consider that she's in the running for captain, with a couple of really good girl friends as well as that budding romance with one you’d not expect~ all the makings of a sweet YA contemp. This isn’t. A sweet YA contemporary, I mean. From page one, it’s obvious she’s living with this dark thing in her life, it’s the same thing that has her emotions all mixed up… on one hand feeling thing then on the other feeling something else.

Interesting moments are the fact that it’s not the only thing going on with her: a busted friendship over some thoughtless words; a guy best friend, who reads too good to be true (and he proves it too, by having secrets of his own he’s not ready to face) and a budding romance with one so unlikely. Unlikely given who they are: she’s on the dance squad, he’s got his sax. And then the thing that pull them together? Too much knowledge of song lyrics and artists who sang them: adorable additions I thought, but not enough to disguise the fact that there’s a darker thing under it.

Also, there are those lovely moment when I realize that some characters can still surprise me. They’re not who I pegged them at first. Alejandra’s a big case in point here. She’s not just the other popular girl with a problem with Coley. Their issues boil down to their former too close relationship that’s laced with a not surprising competitive side. Even Noah’s a little different because just because he’s a good guy most of the time doesn’t stop him from being an asshole sometimes. (Good guys aren’t good all the time.) Reece as already mentioned is cute, pure cotton candy on his part… sweet addition, I mean. 

But it’s everyone else that’s left me wondering. How oblivious everyone else is to what’s going on. She puts on an act, and acts so well that nobody knows what’s really going on, ‘til possibilities previously not considered arise then she finds harder and harder to deal. So we witness her go from girl popular to someone else.

So, here we see a girl face up to what’s happening, face up to what a messed up and sad life she's living, (uncomfortable is the least of it.) That though you may not know the WHO early on, you do know the WHAT; that whilst all other "normal" things are happening, you wonder how she’s managing it at all. I don’t know what to say except this was a more difficult read than I was expecting. She is girl-perfect on the surface, but that's so far from her reality.

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