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Taking Chances by Molly McAdams

Taking Chances
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Taking Chances by Molly McAdams

Eighteen year old Harper has grown up under her career Marine of a father's thumb. Ready to live life her own way and experience things she's only ever heard of from the jarheads in her father's unit; she's on her way to college at San Diego State University.

Thanks to her new roommate, Harper is introduced to a world of parties, gorgeous guys, family and emotions. Some she wasn't expecting yet, and others she never knew she was missing.

She finds herself being torn in two as she quickly falls in love with her boyfriend Brandon, and her roommate's brother Chase. Covered in tattoos, known for fighting in the Underground and ridiculously muscled...they're exactly what she was always warned to stay away from, but just what she needs. Despite their dangerous looks and histories, both adore and would do anything for Harper, including stepping back if it means she's happy.

Her first year away is turning out to be near perfect, but one weekend of giving in to heated passion will change everything.

Due to sexual situations and language, this is Mature YA/New Adult. Recommended for ages 17+

My Thoughts
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

We suspend our disbelief, and not our intelligence in reading. So, know that plenty moments in this had me calling BS (never been to a mall, my patootie.) Frankly, I do see why it's well received by some, what with its tatted-up bad boy, secret fighter good boy, and the girl with zero experience... except, as usual, for me, things got a bit much...

The story's Drama's Progression:
1. Cow eyes from one or two of them directed at her.
2. Love is in the air, and their inner cavemen start coming out.
3. A text, a message and her jealousies cloud her judgment.
4. Cue the waterworks/ walking off/ running out
5. Beg for forgiveness from one of them. 
6. Declarations of love (or of her specialness and of his/their desire of not wanting to hurt her.)
7. And, all is well.
8. Back to 1 and continue from there.

The drama just kept going on and on and on, the escalating sort because the girl was prone to overreacting and not thinking things through… and get this: running away! hardly anyone calls her on it and it got unreal.

Drinking Game!
One shot each time she or any one of them says, ‘my word’, ‘oh my word’,  or ‘dear lord’;
Two for each declaration of love/ someone saying they just want to take care of her/ protect her/ love her/ make her his;
Three, each time someone says they don’t deserve her.

NO, really.. things got old.

On the bright side, I did get some unintentional laughs out of this especially with her likening their life to Vampire Diaries (she fancies herself an Elena!) So, one must wonder: why keep at it if nothing was working for me? I honestly don’t know, is it enough that the sexy times were sexy? Sadly, no... at least, not this time around.

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