Monday, November 19, 2012

MINI REVIEWS: The Lonely Hearts Club and Incarnation

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The Lonely Hearts Club 
 by Elizabeth Eulberg
The Lonely Hearts Club(2.5 of 5 stars)

Sometimes cute and funny is what works for me.
And THE LONELY HEARTS CLUB si definitely just those things .

Penny’s given up on boys. But who can blame her, when the story starts with the likes of Nate who is more than a little full of himself? Things snowball once more and more girls decide to do as she has, with some doing so for the “right” reasons, and others, well, not quite.

Things got predictable in progression with petty jealousies, popularity-seeing people, and an unrequited something or other popping up, but they made me laugh, even when one or some or all of them were doing the dumbest of things.

Plus, there’s an off key karaoke moment. 


 by Emma Cornwall
(3 of 5 stars)

It’s not you… it’s me except who am I kidding? It’s you, book. It’s definitely you. Or was it me?  Gah!

I was going to say that I still can’t get over how there seems to be so much love for INCARNATION going around but not much of that love’s coming from, but now though! To be fair, it took a while to get into the writing, pace, the story... heck, most everything in this. The writing’s different and even slow at parts… but things get dark, then atmospheric (and all other –ics you can think of.)

I didn’t know what I was going to get, but this was not it.

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