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Taken by Erin Bowman

Taken (Taken, #1)
Summary Taken by Erin Bowman

There are no men in Claysoot.

At midnight on every boy's eighteenth birthday, the ground shakes, the wind howls, a blinding light descends...and the boy is gone.

The villagers call it the Heist.

Gray Weathersby is prepared to meet his fate-until he finds a strange note from his mother and starts to question everything he's been raised to accept. Desperate for the truth, Gray takes his chances and climbs over the wall that surrounds Claysoot, which no one has ever crossed and survived. On the other side is a world unlike anything Gray believed possible. And the answers he finds there could be deadly.

Taken is Erin Bowman's magnetic debut and the first in a trilogy that artfully blends reality and science fiction to create a haunting and unpredictable world. Perfect for fans of The Maze Runner and The Giver, with a twist that rivals M. Night Shyamalan's The Village, this hypnotic novel will have readers racing to discover the truth buried in a world built on lies. 

My Thoughts
My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

TAKEN… so many things going on and I don’t know if I liked that part of it or not.

Start with a boy, almost a man really, who’s resigned to what’s coming and more than just lost over what his brother and others like him have had to suffer. Shift to that boy making some unexpected discoveries and then shift again to him being told how things are yet surprisingly enough accepting things as is. Surprising given the fact that he’s so loud, almost proud, about being reactive and gut-feel about things versus his brother’s think-then-do manner. 

I’d piece the story apart in terms of where things happened. There’s Claysoot, the Center, the Rebel strongholds. Were we to take each bit as a separate thing, I think each bit would have been a stronger basis for story. As is lumping them all together as they were, we come away with a bland story. You’ve got what’s supposed to be the highlights from each part smooshed together, and one is bombarded by these things that should be interesting, but shockingly enough…  bored me! I’ve read better post-whatever stories before. I’ve read better stories of societies under the heel of manipulative tyrants, too. I’ve even read some stories with desperate rebels doing what they could. And TAKEN has all of those, but sadly it felt bland to me.

The sad fact is the only time I truly was more than engaged as in ‘what an asshole move that was!’ was when Gray was actually pulling said actual ass hole move. I did root for him; I did want him to survive and all that, but my emotions were never truly engaged ‘till that one asshole move by him. I even respected him admitting himself selfish. Plus, the whole experiment set up and their outcome was more than just interesting, but all that was too little in the grand scheme of things. And that may be the problem with this one: All so grand in scope that the details were lacking.

Thank You Edelweiss! 

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