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Quicksilver (Ultraviolet #2) by R.J. Anderson

Quicksilver (Ultraviolet, #2)
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Quicksilver by R.J. Anderson

Back in her hometown, Tori Beaugrand had everything a teenaged girl could want—popularity, money, beauty. But she also had a secret. A secret that could change her life in an instant, or destroy it.

Now she’s left everything from her old life behind, including her real name and Alison, the one friend who truly understood her. She can’t escape who and what she is. But if she wants to have anything like a normal life, she has to blend in and hide her unusual... talents.

Plans change when the enigmatic Sebastian Faraday reappears and gives Tori some bad news: she hasn’t escaped her past. In fact, she’s attracted new interest in the form of an obsessed ex-cop turned investigator for a genetics lab.

She has one last shot at getting her enemies off her trail and winning the security and independence she’s always longed for. But saving herself will take every ounce of Tori’s incredible electronics and engineering skills—and even then, she may need to sacrifice more than she could possibly imagine if she wants to be free.

My Thoughts
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Holy awesome wows... this is possibly just as good as the first novel! where Allison was all color and impressions, Tori's more straightforward. Well, as straightforward as one in her position could get. I am struggling to serve up an accurate description of the lead in this one without giving anything major away, so I'll go all broad strokes on what I did like:

1. It's s very different from the first book without it being totally new. Erg, what? How do I put this? the two leads are different from each other but have something in common: they're both different for one reason or another and them coping with that difference is half the story. I like that they hold themselves distant from all others because there they were doing the exact same thing for different reasons.

2. The outcome of their choices. First you think it's one thing that that drives them. But dig deeper and all this noble self sacrificing thing has been going on... and you're (I was actually) not completely blindsided by it but impressed. Tori is not Miss Popularity... or not just Miss Popularity, she is who she is and acts the way she does for reasons made clear with each page. Which brings me to the third item...

3. Things escalating the way they did. For tori if it wasn't one thing it was another then another then yet another thing! nothing came easy for her, or anyone for that matter, in this one.

4.  An 'It's complicated' applies her. No doubt especially with the connection made. Milo. (And I smile simply recalling the kid.) I enjoyed the developments this side of the story perhaps just as much as I did in the first book. Them starting at one point and going on as they did? Atypical is what comes to mind of not just the girl seeing the boy then swooning because the girl in this one? As said, she's different... and it's mainly because of her that things are never easy, get complicated then become mind-blowing-wow in a split.

Yes, it is impressed I am.

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