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So Much Closer by Susane Colasanti

So Much Closer
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So Much Closer by Susane Colasanti

Another contemporary thought-provoking romance from Susane Colasanti!

When Brooke discovers that the love of her life, Scott Abrams, is moving from their New Jersey suburb to New York City for senior year, she decides to follow hime there. Living with her estranged father and adjusting to a whole new school are challenging--and things get even worse when she finds out that Scott already has a girlfriend. But as she learns to navigate the big city, she starts to discover a whole new side of herself, and realizes that sometimes love can find you even when you're not looking for it.(less)

My Thoughts
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Hmmm.. I keep thinking that inspiration will strike and I will finally have something to say about this.. except... honestly? I feel like I've been waiting forever now. This isn't a bad book, far from it for in this, we have a smart girl, doing what she wants by taking things in her hands and seeing where things go.

That said, things do progress predictably, and this isn't just coming from one who's read tons and tons of reads just like this either! Read the blurb, I tell you and then take a guess about what's likely to happen. Whatever it is you throw out there, you're probably on the right track. So why did I bother at all? There were points that were interesting especially with the girl who's a study in contrast: she's smart then not so smart; she's insensitive then suddenly oh-so sensitive... but beyond these things were the realizations that things are not always as they seem as well as the knowing on her part that what you want and what's good for you are rarely the same thing are what saved this.

Because truly? This particular read progressing then ending as it did, would definitely fall in its lead's "Of course!" shelves. Oh the lead! For such a brilliant one (no kidding as the words genius and so on and so forth are used in conjunction to her,) she certainly did the opposite. Initially she came off as braver than the rest... only you figure her out and see that's she's not really all that. And that's fine. It's OK if she's not perfect and it's OK if she's flawed but add some life to her, why don't you? There's was nothing about her I could cheer for.... selfish, self involved and wanting too much from everybody else and at the same time not wanting enough out of herself? Aggravating!

That little quirk of hers and her Knowing stuff then her doing something about it... these things set her apart, certainly, but  still... they didn't ring true to me. She didn't ring true to me, Now the eventual things of admitting things as well as seeing things for what they were? Those were good developments, but... as said: predictable.

It's an OK story. A tad too sweet that it's almost 'duh' at times, but nothing more. Really. All her asides about knowing this and feeling that then belonging together? Cute, a bit out-there and cutesy odd, but the things going on at the same time? How could she not have had a clue? Again, for such a brill girl, this girl is... well, you get my drift.

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