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Small Damages by Beth Kephart

Small Damages
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Small Damages by Beth Kephart

It’s senior year, and while Kenzie should be looking forward to prom and starting college in the fall, she is mourning the loss of her father. She finds solace in the one person she trusts, her boyfriend, and she soon finds herself pregnant. Kenzie’s boyfriend and mother do not understand her determination to keep the baby. She is sent to southern Spain for the summer, where she will live out her pregnancy as a cook’s assistant on a bull ranch, and her baby will be adopted by a Spanish couple.

Alone and resentful in a foreign country, Kenzie is at first sullen and difficult. She begins to open her eyes and her heart to the beauty that is all around her and inside of her.(less)

My Thoughts
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Reading Small Damages was different... with not much actually going on in the present save recollections of the past and considerations of what should be... what could be? It's reminiscent of Martin and and her I Know It's Over and other books...those one and this filled to brim with the soft sweet bitter and hard. Plus people being people, choosing and having choices made for them.

You're unsure about the narrator in this one, about
- the who she is...
- the what kind of girl she is...
- and even the who they all are to her.

In the end though despite not being sure about loving/liking/disliking or even rooting for her, we find things out,.. find her out. And like pictures slowy gaining clarity, we see things through her eyes and hear through her words. And her voice? it held nothing back: angry at some and disappointed in others... sometimes both at herself, so that there's an unavoidable honesty to her. 

Better still: I liked how there were parallels with her and the rest; it's not just about the dilemma she's in, but the things that led up to it. Doing it that way, made all of them more real. She's not just a girl dealing with a decision, but one who takes with her everything else: a father she loved best, a mother trying, and friends... with them she's more but less too as she proves herself able to be selfish and bitter.

..Simply because she's not perfect.

None of them are.
And that right there? ...That's what's perfect.

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