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The Bitter Kingdom (Fire and Thorns, #3) by Rae Carson

The Bitter Kingdom (Fire and Thorns, #3)
Good Reads Summary
The Bitter Kingdom by Rae Carson

The epic and deeply satisfying conclusion to Rae Carson's Fire and Thorns trilogy. The seventeen-year-old sorcerer-queen will travel into the unknown realm of the enemy to win back her true love, save her country, and uncover the final secrets of her destiny.

"Carson joins the ranks of writers like Kristin Cashore, Megan Whalen Turner, and Tamora Pierce as one of YA's best writers of high fantasy."-Locus magazine

Elisa is a fugitive in her own country. Her enemies have stolen the man she loves in order to lure her to the gate of darkness. As she and her daring companions take one last quest into unknown enemy territory to save Hector, Elisa will face hardships she's never imagined. And she will discover secrets about herself and her world that could change the course of history. She must rise up as champion-a champion to those who have hated her most. Riveting, surprising, and achingly romantic, Rae Carson has spun a bold and powerful conclusion to her extraordinary trilogy.

My Thoughts
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So many things to love.. First: HECTOR!! The last time I’d read a surprise POV from a favorite character was in MERCY’S newest book except Adam left me slightly uninspired a bit desperate for more of him. HECTOR in this one, though? I am tempted to go all fangirl on all you guys. 

But the best thing in this though is how it’s not just about Elisa… but her and everyone else, how they all step up and prove just how important they are. All they did for her and she for them? It revealed loyalty… and the obvious conclusion that she is not the only hero in this one.  There’s a camaraderie here that I enjoyed… I liked her bowing down to this person’s expertise and relying on that persons know how then taking the lead and forging on because that what she could contribute.

There’s the first half of the book that I loved too especially as the rescuing going on was done not by the one you’d think.  With one twists after another, the lot of them were proving to be so much more than a royal entourage. Her in particular showing how she’s grown so much from the sort of lazy pampered princess (though she never was quite that) to the desert warrior and now this queen who knew what she wanted and went after it. It’s on this last leg that the consequences of  everything that’s happened and everyone she’s met come out revealing that she’s so much stronger than you’d think… than she thinks. That she isn’t the living bearer of the godstone… she’s more than that.

This was a good ending… I almost felt a little like I was reading something with Gen (of Thief fame). How there’s this sudden toughness that’s bound to impress you at the same time confuse because… yes, who knew she could be like that? No, who knew they could all be like that? Lovely reveals of strength in character even with it being heavier on the romance than others YA epic fantasies.

Thank you, E!

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