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Friday Brown by Vikki Wakefield

Friday Brown
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Friday Brown by Vikki Wakefield

‘I am Friday Brown. I buried my mother. My grandfather buried a swimming pool. A boy who can’t speak has adopted me. A girl kissed me. I broke and entered. Now I’m fantasising about a guy who’s a victim of crime and I am the criminal. I’m going nowhere and every minute I’m not moving, I’m being tail-gated by a curse that may or may not be real. They call me Friday. It has been foretold that on a Saturday I will drown…’

Seventeen-year-old Friday Brown is on the run—running to escape memories of her mother and of the family curse. And of a grandfather who’d like her to stay. She’s lost, alone and afraid.

Silence, a street kid, finds Friday and she joins him in a gang led by beautiful, charismatic Arden. When Silence is involved in a crime, the gang escapes to a ghost town in the outback. In Murungal Creek, the town of never leaving, Friday must face the ghosts of her past. She will learn that sometimes you have to stay to finish what you started—and often, before you can find out who you are, you have to become someone you were never meant to be.

Friday Brown is the breathtaking second novel from the author of the award-winning All I Ever Wanted.

My Thoughts
My rating: 4.5of 5 stars

friday brown has:

half formed goals. unanswered questions. odd choices. odder people... of pseudofamilies. it’s the last that’s  not limited to that of her choosing as there’s the one that she comes from, too. the story begins with her having lost something, as well as of her losing touch with who she is. that’s the case for all of them. they’ve lost themselves or more apt, are wanting to. but things shift as it becomes her finding in the unexpected not her answers but something she didn't think she was looking for: a place? a connection?

now, it’s all about her being shoved into things she’s not quite sure she wants. so, there are awkward moments with like minded folks, as well as her ‘not-opposites.’ because all of them? they’re different from her, yes… but also from everyone else. Lost Boys? they’re a little bit of that. only instead of never growing up, it’s them never being found. and though i was expecting an August Rush feel-good kind of read. this was not that. mainly because their wendy’s not exactly the mother you’d want for yourself. But then there were times it did feel like August Rush… especially silence. but really, they’re a bit more undefined on the what would follow. And they’re a bit more heartbreaking with part of their respective histories revealed. (again, silence especially.) (also,  that cover makes so much more sense now. better? it fits.)

so then it’s her: asking what she’d gotten herself into because the lot? in the margins, hiding. running away? running somewhere? both true here, eventually, there’s that slow stripping away of the distractions. Distractions of her admiring another and wanting to be someone else as well as to have what another has.

but eventually, as said, it’s her unsticking her head from the sand. but how she unsticks it and why… well, THOSE LAST MOMENTS?! they nearly  break her, (some moments do in fact break some bit of her,) and they nearly did me too.

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