Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fractured Souls by Jessica Sorensen

Fractured Souls (Shattered Promises, #2)
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Fractured Souls by Jessica Sorensen

Gemma thought she had said her good-byes and had felt every possible emotion she could before her soul was detached again. Deep down inside, she hoped she’d never wake up from it because, in her eyes, life without emotion and memories isn’t worth living.

But she does wake up and discovers she can still feel and remember everything she experienced over the last few months. Alex is also telling her that everything’s okay, that he didn’t betray her, and that what she thought happened really didn’t.

Gemma isn’t sure if she can trust Alex, so she tries to keep her distance from him, even though the electric connection and her desire make it nearly impossible. The only person she can trust is Laylen, but even that becomes complicated when the lines of their friendship begin to blur.

While Gemma struggles with her emotions and relationships, she searches for her mother, entering a dangerous world of secrets, seduction, and evil. The further she digs into her mother’s secrets and past, the more she wonders what waits for her at the end of her search and if maybe some things are better left in the dark.

My Thoughts
 My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Must think positive thoughts. Must think positive thoughts. Must. Think. Posi....

I picked this one, didn't I? I had a reason for doing so, did I not? Was it not that I was in need of some quick fluffy read filled with sexy times? And since I'm not one to leave a series unfinished (despite having hated. loathed. abhorred the first), this one would do.

I thought so at least.

Except now, I'm ever so frustrated with this latest pick of mine. Name one thing that's been done to death in PNR and this sequel likely has it. Triangle. An asshole (Wait, there's more than one... and it's not just the guy either!) Plus sexy times at the most unexpected moment.

The good news is how he doesn't "subdue her with his body" too much this time around. I mean, he still does that... just not as often (Darn it! Is that good news after all?!) The bad news: she's gone from girl clueless to girl who can't make up her mind. More bad news: bad, bad things happen here. Assaults of all sort take place and no one really does anything. One guys says he's going to break so and so in half but nothing actually happens. She says she's going to do something... but nothin' really. There's a lot of the shocking and even a ton of the sexy but not one of those push anything forward really.

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