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The Zigzag Effect by Lili Wilkinson

The Zigzag Effect
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The Zigzag Effect by Lili Wilkinson

Sage is delighted to land a holiday job with a magician. It will earn her the money she needs for the photography course she's coveted since she first picked up a camera - and working for the The Great Armand should be interesting, right? Plus there's a cute stagehand named Herb, who could make it even more interesting.

But one night Sage, Herb and the magician's assistant Bianca stay late at the theatre, and a wand gets broken... on the stage. Bianca is horrified, convinced they've brought a curse upon themselves. Then Armand is nowhere to be found - and Sage and Herb are mysteriously locked in the storeroom. Together. Overnight.

Sage must figure out who to trust, who's hiding secrets, what's real and what's just clever trickery. Because when a person truly disappears, it is likely that there are more sinister elements at work than magic.

My Thoughts
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

zigzag effect. geek-cool. cool geek? what’s the right term here? of wilkinson’s stories i have read, there are offbeat, self aware, funny-odd types who stand out even when (especially when) they don’t want to. one a taxidermist in the making, another a girl forcing herself in a mold she's unsure of... and now this, magicians, magician wanna be's, their assistants and noobs. but it’s the last in that line up who sticks out the most in her knowing who she is and what she wants. that she's so smart and directed is  not so new; it's that she could be such a dumb smart girl  is what surprised and frustrated but goaded me on nonetheless.

there's a newness that she feels and that we do too. her feeling out  of place but being gung ho about it even so, paints her strong... yet  all those moments of her sticking her foot in it makes her more real  too (because perfect girl isn't so perfect after all, yeah?)

then there’s the rest. token love interest. a bff in the making. and creepy mysterious goings on all made zigzag for a different type of read... ‘till it wasn't. you see she's just new girl and one coincidence then another and she's shiny new toy for all of them. why do they like her again? why does she like him  again? that set up's pretty basic.

‘the different’ is where things went. sure, one too many bit of trivia had me impatient. all the ‘did you know’s ‘ from one or another had feeling impatient as it got in the way of the story. but eventually all the did you know’s actually did tie in with the rest of it. so that the story went from cool geek to been there done that then finally to this odd mystery… but what was the mystery anyway? piecing it together was a kick especially because as that was happening, she was piecing her new life together. so two things were going on: she’s new girl and going with the flow… while she’s new girl who finds herself i a place unexpected.

(my favorite bit has to be the little brother though.)

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