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A Really Awesome Mess by Trish Cook

A Really Awesome MessA Really Awesome Mess by Trish Cook

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Emmy and Justin have issues ~ as does everyone else around them. They tell their stories in a straight out manner, leaving little to be asked. By the end of the book I liked them for the way they had with each other… and their snark (even if I was wondering over some aspects.)

It’s a funny book despite the number of ISSUES that are mentioned… “mentioned” because they are in Assland, a school for kids with problems. One minute we have a kid dealing (not dealing?) with abuse/ stereotypes/  drugs/  addiction… name it, it’s here. But it’s not too serious a book because once mentioned, all those things feel almost glossed over.

Glossed over by the Breakfast Club feel? Not quite. By the quirks they each possessed? Not really, because to simplify each of them/ their baggage as some quirky thing or other is the opposite of what this is about. Each their issues isn’t ‘quirky.’ They are their own people... we just don’t know that much about the lot of them save Emmy and Justin (of course).

SNARK is what saves this book for me. Despite the one-two-three feel of the “fixing” of things, there will always be a line or two out of Justin’s head or Emmy’s that has one grin-guffawing. Then there’s the group thing they had going for them. Theirs was an interesting mix of odd and sad... from the girl who wouldn’t speak to the psychotic cutey then to the boy who lied and to the other who one who just wouldn’t stop. The biggest NOT though is is how neat it felt… how things go almost one-two-to-three in the “fixing” of things.

Thank you, NG.

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