Saturday, August 24, 2013

Everything Beautiful by Simmone Howell

Everything BeautifulEverything Beautiful by Simmone Howell

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

EVERYTHING BEAUTIFUL. That Riley’s so straight about who she is why I loved the girl. That he’s all bent out of shape over who he is now and what he cannot do… but not too loud about the same… had me all heart-clutching for him. There’s an easy way to the book that had me flipping pages not realizing the last pages was upon me. And that ending that’s open is something I love but not completely this time around.

One can imagine what she’s got in store for her. One can also imagine what he’s going to be up to. But I loved the point that things settled here. we see how things wrap up for her/them.  Yet I am also wanting a smidge more, right now. Why though? It’s all Riley… confident and out there but not completely. It’s the very few instances of vulnerability that she allows that drew me closer. See her proud. See her funny and raucous and willing, but then catch glimpses of her uncertainty, her insecurity… and realize: there’s more to the girl. So to with the guy. They’re not perfect; he’s not perfect as his simply floating along, trying to do what he can till’ he’s out. A lot like her: in the ‘can’t wait’ till I’m anywhere but here. it’s that identity between them that makes it obvious that things are going to go somewhere for them, but in the mean time… we have this out there girl biding her time playing a part for the rest of them.

Because ‘playing at something‘ is precisely what the two (Riley especially) are doing, they just don’t realize that they’re both doing it. That’s what makes the both of them more for me. Putting up a front when there’s true vulnerability in them. The rest are lovely additions, sure: these camp kids and their faith acting at times so contrarily to what the place is all about and these camp counselors seeing all, knowing all but letting them figure out things their own way.  But it’s still all about Riley and her front and not seeing that the rest of them are a little (maybe even, a lot) like her because she’s so caught up in who she is and where she wasn’t.

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