Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Riptide by Lindsey Scheibe

RiptideRiptide by Lindsey Scheibe

My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

What I wanted I didn’t get. What I got, I didn’t expect. It was the cover. Maybe.  Yes, that cover had me thinking if not summer fun and friends and what not. Except, the fun was nowhere in sight here…. as we witnessed one depressing thing, and then one frustrating secret revealed from her side of things. Whilst that’s went on, there’s the boy focusing on the right thing… but reading highly unlikely all the same (for me, at least.)

So, we have girl with a goal, but she’s one with a secret holding her back. It’s the same girl who’s all over the place… sometimes out there and ready to face whatever (WHATEV she’d say) then turn a corner, all meek and sad.  It’s the points of her neediness that irked me most. Because there were moments when she was not that at all… and to go back and forth between these two aspects of her… had me frustrated and never really connecting with her. Too bad too because the bulk of the emotional goings-on  here are on account of her. The boy dealt with a different sort of drama: he wants to do what’s right: by her, for himself, and for others. In wanting all of hat, he’s set certain goals, so that much like the girl, he went from one extreme of surfer guy-funny dude to total-do-gooder... and once again, I just couldn’t quite buy into who he was.

It was only chapters later that I was intrigued, my emotion (almost) piqued; no longer just the do-gooder, the guy and his goals plus his wants conflicting as they were, well… the guy really does find himself in it, doesn’t it? Acting as he eventually did… that bit was the most plausible here. How want as he might, sometimes a guy just can’t force matters.  Then of course is the girl with her hot cold then jealous manner (it made sense given the state of things) but god, was she frustrating!

Basically, she’s all over the place first one thing then the opposite, but so is the guy, all easy going funny, but with a goal. OK, so neither one is one-dimensional … I simply wish each aspect they had was fleshed out more. Not simply a laying out of attributes of ‘she’s like this because x and y,’ or ‘he wants what he wants because yada-yada.’ Worse yet: the guy? He’s almost TOO perfect. And the girl? Not even close --- even in her own estimation!

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