Friday, September 20, 2013

Art Girls Are Easy by Julie Klausner

Art Girls Are EasyArt Girls Are Easy by Julie Klausner

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

It’s trying to be so many things all at once, but fails so miserably at whatever it was gunning for. Because what was this about really? The blurb says something, something or other on being best friends. So, now we have the best friend but not friends thing that Lucy and Indy are going through. Indy is talented protégé to Lucy’s beautiful girl role.

There’s a change in who they are for each other and the reactions that Lucy has to that change are sad and depressing… with her doing all the wrong things. So where was Lucy in all of this? No where really. There one minute then gone a for a whole long stretch whilst Indy’s manipulated by others, allowed to believe some other things, and the end result? Some pretty destructive things. Yet, opportunity is allowed to slide by here with a conclusion that has their pairing righting itself almost TOO EASILY! Is it that your best friend loves you is enough to gloss over the destructive things a girl is capable of? That seems to be what this book is saying.

Then there are all the things INDY herself wanted to say: from commercialism, to a lack of connection, to knowing what you have to say, and then working whatever that is out for yourself? Again, is it enough that your best friend loves you for these things to resolve themselves? It seems the case here. Except the book doesn’t really “say” anything does it? It wants to… but doesn’t. Not really.

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