Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

FangirlFangirl by Rainbow Rowell

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Oh my face! The smiling won’t stop and my cheeks are going to pay the price later today, seeing that it’s 3:00 in the morning, and I’m still up thinking about Cath and her sister and her father and the boy (but not boy.)

Rowell writes the odd but endearing so well, doesn’t she? Cath is insecure and unsure and a little too attached to her twin sister. They drift and things shift then more and more people enter her life even if she’d like none of those to happen. And we see her change ever so slowly, but still remain her odd self. To start, there's her and her sister with a remarkable truth to who they are and were becoming for each other. Wren and her being her own person contrasted to Cath and her being happy in what they’ve got and feeling… ergh, abandoned, I suppose by the choices of the other. There’s this impression made of being pushed out despite feeling unprepared for what's to come-- something I totally got/ do get. But more than the sisters as sisters, there’s them as a unit… or not being much of one because there’s their father too and her need to be there for him crowding in with her memories of (not) picking sides. It’s this side of the story that’s leans toward the heavy with the father adding a touch of sad, to Cath who all alone was already such a sad figure (that is when she wasn’t being that awkwardly sweet-odd. And then she’d show the understandably hard side too… the bitter one, that’s totally spot on with the inability to let go.

I even enjoyed her building new connections when she’d expressly stated she wanted the exact opposite. Because to her odd quiet self, there’s the roommate with her worldly-wise, take no crap manner; taking Cath under her wing as she did just like those kids did in Perks Of. Though here the effect was less “after school special” in effect and more humorous thus more relateable as a consequence. In effect she had me wanting one my own Reagan’s. 

Then I swooned,  and am possibly still swooning (though perhaps, my current light-headed state may be on account of my lack of sleep,)  over her and the not-boy! Mainly because she could be so immersed in what she was doing, and she could also be so completely clueless about everything else so that when she wasn’t clueless anymore, well each moment spent with them together had a shiver running up my back. There’s a local term that escapes translation, but kilig is how things felt. Look it up, why don’t you, because right now, I’m still on a high over them and everything else in this book.


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