Friday, September 13, 2013

Hurt by Tabitha Suzuma

HurtHurt by Tabitha Suzuma

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I’m struggling to separate HURT from her FORBIDDEN, but it’s hard especially since a good bulk of this felt similar, yet sadly, not once as "big" in impact the latter. It’s a shadow of the first, I suppose. There’s also a touchy subject that I wasn’t quite sure I wanted revealed, yet it’s a reveal that had me thinking so many things: Did he do it? He did what? Was it bad? Then feeling like it was probably something bad… or not because I just wasn’t sure. Eventually, I’d switch to my more a more controlled voice in my head feeling like maybe it wasn’t that big a deal. 

Yet with each moment of him falling apart with the reason still unclear, I confess, I felt myself getting less and less interested. Truth: I was never really invested in this. My need to know waned with each on-off moment he had. First all normal, then all broken, then back again… it lost me along the way so that I was simply clicking for the next portion:

Perhaps because of the poor little rich boy’s got problems feel that I thought the story was going with. Only the reveals- and there were two major ones here- proved me wrong. Yet even after those reveals, I predictably found myself shocked and angry and host of all other feelings for him, EXCEPT (and this matters) those feelings were all fleeting. Past a certain page, the emotion likewise evaporated.

There’s something I read recently that rings true for HURT. Perhaps like other things, YA is stuck “on the tired old rubric that which shocks automatically confers value.” It doesn’t.

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