Friday, September 27, 2013

Kinslayer by Jay Kristoff

Kinslayer (The Lotus War, #2)Kinslayer by Jay Kristoff

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Damned flu’s kept me from speeding through this. So thank gods for antibiotics and ibuprofen else my head would have been too swimmy to get past even a page. Except… maybe slow and steady was a good pace for me to get through this one because there are so many complications that spring out of this sequel.

Don’t get me wrong I love each of them except at first I was who the hell is that? And who is this? And what the what now?! It’s not even the heavy descriptions that filled the first book that confused me: it’s the sheer number of players in this one and each little plot that they were part of.

One twist then another then another and then little discoveries of not so-little secrets! And do you know what? I think… No, I know that I loved this one more than first.  So how many people do we have to keep track of? There’s Yukiko and Burru (I loved every bit of them together. He’s a sarcastic Jiminy Cricket, only gryphon sized.) There’s all those people in kage with talk of secrets and secrets and secrets. There’s Kin and who is and what we find out (and I’m still picking up my jaw off of the floor after that one.) Then all those not so old players each given a bit more face time this time around: Michi, in particular, proves she’s got balls the size of Jupiter. The will she or won’t she thing she had me asking myself impressed me. Wait. I’m flashing back to Kin. Who am I kidding? it’s Kin who’s leaving me more speechless (if possible).

But there are new players, too. Ooooh, Boy! A mysterious girl who’s a throw back to Yukiko in the first book, not the decidedly strong one she’d become here, but the one who wants to do the right thing and struggles at it. This girl! And her family… I knew… I  just knew she was going to be something special!

So we have Yukiko on one end, Kage and Kin on another; Hana and her ilk on another; the empire/guild… then the Oni, of course… Then finally a glimpse of gaijin and stuff See that? I’m reduced to using “stuff” because there’s A LOT to keep track of! How has Kristoff’s managed to tie ALLLLLL their stories together? I’m not even kidding because it’s not just Yukiko and her need to have Lotus Burn… that’s taken second place to the whole rebellion on one side as opposed to an empire almost in ruins, only not really, because of the Guild and all. Then skip back again to Yukiko and her growing abilities and questions and more questions leading her toward frigging books made of (view spoiler) And then more and more foolish decisions of whom to trust equals, you guessed it, more complications.

I can’t even come up with a decent way to sum it all up because, dude…  Dude! the sheer scope of what goes on in this one and what the very many players do (don’t do?) has me so effing happy that I got to read this so soon.

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