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More Than This by Patrick Ness

More Than ThisMore Than This by Patrick Ness

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Seth’s personal landscape has been given physical translation; there is a continuity he’d rather not have because there’s that sad realization that feelings of his being alone…  are not entirely baseless.

Or is it?

And for a good long while this was all heavy on the emotion because of that. Then right quick, MORE THAN THIS takes a sharp turn into the different- where not much is explained… or a lot is only half-explained. Except it’s his reaction to all of it that made it feel hilarious/REAL.

It was his skepticism that dragged me further; all his “you not real”-ing had me loving him, moving me beyond the feels he was dredging up in me to liking him because the self-contained boy had me doubting along with him. His emotions made sense to me but it’s what he was doing because of what’s revealed that settle things. So, he’s got me feeling then thinking… except sometimes thinking the wrong thing.Then things went back again! Back to the feels of me feeling betrayed for him and just wanting to hug him!

So, we went from a PRESENT that makes no sense to a PAST that broke my heart… and *tada* its new world but the typical product of the usual big explosions or deadly viral infections, but one made of choice… and this made everything else in this cold in a scary kind of way. All the discoveries made had me feeling a combination of the things that NEVER LET ME GO and UNWIND had me experiencing. Except all this is/was more personal…  Again, it’s everything he was feeling but set up in a world for him to live it.

It’s apt... the title, I mean, “MORE THAN THIS” because it isn’t just his, or Regine’s, or Tomasz’s. They’re all being called out on being the hero/victim/martyr of their own stories… but there’s a shift FROM all the calling out of the me-myself-my suffering they had going for them TO them seeing that all their individual stories happen along side someone else’s.

Or maybe not…

Because when things shifted and took on a broader scope with the Driver and the Prison and choices already made. And Mind Fuck, I say. Because this has everything I love. Sure, a lot of the separate aspects aren’t anything new, but here they’re put together in such a way… going back then forward then somewhere else… and left me so very, very  impressed.

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