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Something Real by Heather Demetrios

Something RealSomething Real by Heather Demetrios

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Something Real. This is the third book about Reality TV in YA contemporary I’ve read this month alone. And while I may have been thinking it early on, NO, this is not instance of how to beat a dead horse deader.

We’ve a set of siblings who mark each moment in their life by the season or episode the same has taken place. We’ve characters whose names have that oddly annoying ™ attached after, oddly annoying in that the same felt disingenuous in getting its message across… because I kid you not, a message there is. I just didn’t see the point in all those extras.

Now, the lead in this one, Chloe/Bonnie  is tired of the life she’s been living. Thinking she’s finally free of it, she’s constructed a whole separate one from what’s been broadcast. The lies are bound to catch up, you say. They do. But let’s set that matter aside and take into account how she’s not the only feeling the pressure and how there’s this one awesome sibling who’s there for her but not voicing things out as loudly as she is. The Benny-Bonnie/Chloe dynamic in this one is refreshing. Why? Awesome siblings make for awesome reading, I say.  Except most of the drama that comes out of this is because of her family, her mother mainly… who’s depicted sadly in one way only. There were moments there when I would have bought it, what her mother was saying I mean. Except for the most part, we’ve a lady backed into a corner doing what she’s got to; only me not believing it. It’s very one dimensional in the “my problems are thus because another did (a) or didn’t do (b).” it felt way too simplistic.

There’s that inevitable love interest, too: The guy read almost too perfect. He’s what made SOMETHING REAL read almost like a Sarah Dessen novel: with the girl (partially) messed up  and the guy helping her figure things out. Was that necessary? No. Was it interesting? Maybe. The second string characters and each their respective dramas also felt too something: too sweet, too easy, too made for TV in the ending.

And that’s it, isn’t it? Most everything about this, despite the scary bits she’s to deal with, the issues brought out… it all ends like it’s been made for TV: the baddies are unmasked , the damsel is no longer in distress,  and the guy gets the girl… except what about the rest of her sibs? Yeah?

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