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No One Else Can Have You by Kathleen Hale

No One Else Can Have YouNo One Else Can Have You by Kathleen  Hale

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I think I love this because it’s so unexpected.

No One Else Can Have You is surprisingly funny. The gruesome start is almost out of place in how funny odd ball Kippy could be... except she’s not the only odd ball. Still, the gruesome stayed gruesome but wasn’t the focus; it’s all the inside knowledge on grief and what ought to be and what state you should be in, then all the nice but only to your face bits on her part that was.  It’s also rife with hypocrisy that one sh/could hate, but the surprising thing is they could be so frigging funny while at it.

There’s this clear split with her as odd girl out, and it’s made even clearer by the “niceness” of people and the two faced-ness of the goings-on. The obviously wrong things are let slide and almost everyone, save her, is eager to move on.

Yet, even when what she was saying was making sense, there’s still a part of me unsure about her because she’s damaged and yet sweet and, yes, sometimes too good to be true. It couldn’t be that she was the only one seeing things clearly? Right? So, yeah, there’s this whole thing about unreliable narrators AND me knowing that she’s not the only one … because you have to consider the context, and it’ seemed from her way of telling that it’s the context that’s unreliable. All that had me recalling Fargo, especially with each bumbling and too easy fix put forth. But NO ONE ELSE CAN HAVE YOU became not-quite that as it progressed. As in, things got odder then odder and then veered toward the unexpected of the serious bits getting glossed over and the scary bits not being quite scary in favor of it all being funnily told.

Well, look at that… now I’m not sure if I loved this or just liked it!!! Gaaahhh!

Thank you, Edelweiss!

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