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Unbreakable (Legion, #1) by Kami Garcia

Unbreakable (Legion, #1)Unbreakable by Kami Garcia

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I wasn’t exactly sure about what it was in this book that didn’t work for me, but a friend of mine pointed it out… and I can’t help but agree: it’s Supernatural rip off from the set up, to the characters, to the very ending! Except that this one failed in one key way: the Winchester brothers have personality, have heart... it’s not all chases and crazy ass demons to beat, the brothers have this ineffable thing that always has me rooting for them. Not the case here.

There’s a girl and then there are two boys, who both happen to fall in love with the first because…  because… well, just because. And all that would have been fine, too what with all the cool mentions of salt and bullets and guns and genius/kick as kids plus knowledge passed from generation to the next; if only the members of aforesaid triangle had even a pinch of personality:

One boy is simply so kick ass that he’s known as the kick ass one; the other boy is so sweet and sensitive that Kennedy always ends up thinking something sappy like feeling safe with said guy who’d just so suddenly appeared in her life. And this girl, by the way, is so wishy-washy in her thoughts that I just couldn’t get behind her. Thus, for each kick ass-y moment there was a wishy-washy/I don’t know-I  just don’t know one from one or two or all of them that cancelled the first out.

Good lord. I disliked this to the nth, except that maybe too strong a reaction from me for this. Recall, the only thing I actually liked in Beautiful Creatures (etc) was the different feeling atmosphere? Well, now, I know who was responsible for the same. Hint: not (view spoiler)

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