Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ten Tiny Breaths by KA Tucker

Ten Tiny Breaths (Ten Tiny Breaths, #1)Ten Tiny Breaths by K.A. Tucker

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


So, Trent doesn’t actually do anything in this does he? Only to the end is his role made clearer. And yes, it’s something you can call out early on because the hints? There were many in this. That said,  TTB is readable with Kaycee broken as she was. And what’s made reading it more interesting isn’t the plot twist (that’s not really a plot twist if you’re paying attention) but the whole broken girl moving on or trying to.

Storm and Livvie and Tanner and Ben and yes, Trent... plus that doctor? All of these old and new people in her life have her revealing that’s she’s more than more than tough girl/sad past. Because though she’s all that, there’s funny moments as well as authentic heart wrench that she’s part of too.

I will admit that it’s how her past catches up to her AND the blow up that follows that shifts TTB from being just another NA  so-so read to this: something that felt like it was going somewhere else.  But the best thing is how the big blow up isn’t followed up by an easy fix. Because both leads eventually prove that pasts meeting up does not mean being made for each other. Things get complicated and melodramatic but not without reason; the things that happen make sense; their way of thinking a bit simplistic and the solutions they wanted to offer each other likewise too easy, but their eventual facing up to things and how things stand? That’s the bit that worked for me.

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