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Maybe One Day by Melissa Kantor

Maybe One DayMaybe One Day by Melissa Kantor

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It’s a relatively quick read with maybe one or two moments that I felt authentic rather than not prompted out of me given the subject matter. Overall, though I was waiting for that moment where I would stop asking ‘is this where I cry now?’ Going into it I knew there would be some sad moments, but I kept waiting for That Moment. But that’s fine, despite that waiting, the narrator is not hard to like, and her story easy to connect with.

The backdrop of them as dancers and them as more sisters than best friends made it perfectly clear:  Zoe’s not just some bystander. The addition too of that romantic development for her made things even better because clearly: even with all the sads happening, life goes on. While you could argue that things stopped at the point of them finding out what’s wrong (and for a long while that’s what seemed to be happening,) the good thing is while it seemed that way, it’s really not the case. Things were still happening, and people and perception of the same shifting … despite what they all wanted, needed even.

The new discoveries for her: that what she wanted and what’s meant doesn’t always line up; that she’s not just Liv’s best friend; that certain others could form part of her life in the most unexpected ways. It’s all realistically depicted and not over the top; in fact, that shared history between them had everything else that followed feel most authentic:

It’s their friendship that felt most real; that there’s up’s and down’s linking the two; there’s an extension of self for the two of them in the other, and I just loved that. Yet, it’s not just that they’re an extension of each other either; because there’s growth that’s basically forced to happen. Separated as they are, Zoe learns exactly what being Zoe means (the Funny one? the Nice one? Undecided? Committed or Complicated?) There’s all those facets tot her that’s explored, and I also liked that. Except of course I kept waiting for that moment: where I’d stopped thinking ‘Stop teaching me things, and just tell me the story. Now, the romance was at best predictable, and the developments because of it likewise; still… that the book isn’t just about that One Thing makes the addition of that love connection a good one.

Thank you, Edelweiss!

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