Sunday, January 5, 2014

Fan Art by Sarah Tregay

Fan ArtFan Art by Sarah Tregay

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Fan Art... in theory: this book should have been all win for me. In reality: that's not quite the case. Basically, -I was underwhelmed. But why? When the lead was funny and direct and no-nonsense in conveying his message? But why? When the people around him were equally unique in voice (or should have been at least.) But why? But why? But why?

Perhaps because it doesn't take the needed extra steps to set itself apart. We have a kid who knows who he is but unsure about going after what he wants. We have the same kid aware of what he dislikes, yet encountering the very same time and time again. Then we have the rest of them- saying the right things (i love you man's and all that) but not living up to what it is they're saying... So that all of it felt half baked in a way. And for the lead specifically that's almost literal in a way: 'out' but not completely. Yet, it's consequence of that that we're left with; the dealing with others and with their perception of who he should be and who others should be for him that got on my nerves. Even when some Relevant Truth was struck, well that too felt a smidge to 'right' and (sorry) inauthentic. lip-service-y.

Still, thank you Edelweiss!

one of those so-so reads.... i've been encountering hell lot of those lately. :(

but thank you, edelweiss!

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