Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

Maybe SomedayMaybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The positive experience from my last narrator as poet book carried me over and had me thinking that another of its kind wouldn’t be so bad. I was wrong. I should have recalled: the last Hoover book I read was filled with the cute made up words plus singer-songwriter/poet thing in both leads. We have the very same thing here and I truly do wish that I could have set their poems-as-lyrics aside except a big chunk of both their feels were laid out as such. (It’s what had me skim-skim-skimming.) Strangely enough, speeding through those bits did not take much away of the story being told, basically, because it’s their songs that sum up whatever it was they’ve just been through (even when they don’t know it). In other words, I thought the songs sadly hokey and worse, superfluous.

Lyrics aside, this wasn’t actually all bad (yes, the very same feeling I came away with upon reading her Slammed Duo.) The good: there’s something ‘different’ with him living his life as he does, as in not in the way she does; but it’s how she is with him that’s the most refreshing. He just is for her… and I simply liked that matter of fact way she took everything.  Another of the good:  there’s awareness on both their parts that I love a little more. That acknowledgement from both of them about where they are and what they should do… is world’s better than so and so trying too hard or so and so pretending it’s not the case.

So two positives: the matter of fact way they see each other; how they’re not all swoon-y I love you at first sight rather how there’s a shifting of things from one thing to something else completely. Slowly. But, it’s facing up to certain facts like: it’s not the best time or even the not the right time. There’s no urgent desperate longing, just awareness of themselves and all else affected. (Hmm, so maybe more than two positives after all?)

But there’s a negative as well: hokey lyrics, for one; but a feeling that one then both of them were justifying the unjustifiable became another. It’s the latter that also permits some of the good to surface here, but things get… complicated in the mean time. Plus, the lead-guy was not so easy to like, where as liking the lead girl was not so hard simply because at times she could be to perfect (and that  there’s no positive either.)

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