Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Seers (Holders, #2) by Julianna Scott

The Seers (Holders, #2)The Seers by Julianna Scott

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The Seers. I couldn't help noticing all those Potter parallels ever since someone pointed it out. Except for the sexy times, moments of this felt very HP to me. And it was kinda-sorta fun, till it wasn't. Fun because well... HP! But not fun because... well, I was thinking/wanting ' something different please?' The book journal thing and the mystery of how to read it is one. Plus the whole speshul treatment she's given and how her reputation precedes.

But then there's where it's not HP at all... instead things did get a bit clumsy in the drama and occurence. First, that not-quite triangle that's made worse by wires crossing and then them not talking. Then the clumsy way (again) she'd come to certain realizations via streams of thought that felt a tad over done... and yes, unnecessarily drama filled. Plus I hated the whole I love love love you going on... just saying.

That said, there things here that felt original. Why they were where they were and what they were doing among others. Plus, the people she encountered! One person stands out in a too-typically mean girl way and yet it was here that I was wondering where the hell that particular story line was headed. Truly, 'girl-insecure' was NOT what I'd grown used to out of Ms Ingle/Clavish. Another remarkable? How we had the makings of love triangle but ended up with something totally not.

It was OK, the whole magic part
especially, but maybe less on the feels as well as internal monologue and sudden asides on feelings/perceptions?

Thank you, Net Galley!

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