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Cress (Lunar Chronicles, #3) by Marissa Meyer

Cress (Lunar Chronicles, #3)Cress by Marissa Meyer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Knowing who they were all up against should have simplified matters, but that’s not so here.  I still had fun with this though. Some might say there are too many points of view, too many narrators weakening (diluting?) the story’s impact. I think not because each person here had something to add; none of them were just part of the background. So, was the story with all of them telling their parts scattered? I didn’t feel that; if anything, with each person introduced and every other twist thrown out, it felt like a puzzle becoming whole. There’s basically, a building on. It’s the same thing that has me wanting Winer’s bit more. (Oh, the wait!)

To the good:

I loved that all the people from had something to contribute, some thing going for them here. Like how Wolf and Scarlett added that necessary older vibe with the passion and the questioning.  Or how Kai wasn't just prince charming. Heck, the 'charming' was being worn down by everything else!  Or Cinder, and how not-at-all-clueless she was through it all. But my new favorite thing about this series? Why, Thorne of course. And Cress. And Thorne and Cress! (I was totally picturing the Disney version as I read this… that’s how cute they both read.)

Cress and her sweet-ness, and how through the whole thing a little bit then a little more of the same is tested. By what he does and what she has to do. Out of her “tower”  it's not exactly... easy. Especially how she sees herself playing a role and the Captain playing a role of his own as well. Because clearly they're both more and less than those  roles she'd carved out for herself (and him).

Point? She's more and so was he, but sometimes less as well. More: they're both more than damsel in distress, and more than the guy on the white steed, as she’s got strengths she possess she’s completely aware of (all techno-savvy) versus him and how he receives her perception of him.  There’s something endearing to the two of them together… and I couldn’t get enough of it. Also, them knowing next to nothing about the other and how that’s addressed. I died from all the cute, I tell you because the longer they were in each other's presence, the clearer it was to me that a 'Kiss. NOW' was necessary.

And then to the not so good:

Like the first two books: making connections is pretty easy to do here; it’s what might have taken away from the fun every other aspect here offered. That said… I liked most of this.

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