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Night Broken (Mercy Thompson, #8) by Patricia Briggs

Night Broken (Mercy Thompson, #8)Night Broken by Patricia Briggs

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It's been ages since I last read a Mercy book. And from what I recall, it was Adam and his perspective in seven that left me not completely satisfied. A more fleshed out laying out of him was what I wanted but not exactly what I got.

That book 8 goes back to just Mercy has me happier because seen through her eyes, Adam reverts to the Alpha Adam of earlier moments. The Adam pre-marital bliss, whose presence offered comfort/frustration/other moments of questioning for her (OK, so maybe not pre-marital bliss Adam, after all.) My point is it's partly because of the unconventional love connection between them that's kept me coming back (8 books in!) So that them getting (view spoiler) in 5 (or was it 4?) had me worried over how that aspect of the series would progress. 'Up' as they were then, the question of where they would go kept nagging at me. A worry that's been proven baseless, a liitle by six, then more by seven, and solidified here in 8.

Because more than them being perfect for each other (though others here were hard pressed to see it their way,) we most assuredly have more! There are reconnections, both those  sought and avoided. We have introductions, revelations, and a hell-whole lot of complications. Plus magical goings on that place Mercy in the sensitive spot of having to deal with them all! Briggs also throws in a psychopath of the god-like variety. Also fae. And vampires. And complicated pack politics. Plus mother-daughter drama that's human enough to balance all those other non non-'people' people things.

There was going to be a minor complaint on my part about there being soooo many things going on. But if i'm being honest, that so many things were going on is something that  I liked, because one thing following on the heel of another or two or three complications being addresed at once? Well, thing got exhilarate. We've all seen those action movies where a whole gang of baddies are about to attack the good guy; them going against said good guy one after another instead of attacking all at once has always felt a tad too easy- convenient. Why give the other the time to catch their breath, eh? It's the opposite here. Instead of easy, there's crazy then crazier. In a word? exhilarating.  </["br"]></["br"]></["br"]></["br"]></["br"]></["br"]>

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