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Firebug by Lish McBride

FirebugFirebug by Lish McBride

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Oh, Lish McBride, you make me happy. Like in Necromancer, you've come up with yet another motley crew of the definitely snarky, sometimes cute, and often funny that find themselves embroiled in some dark, dangerous, supernatural goings-on.

That they are all such nice guys is just a bonus- nice because where one pays special attention to potential collateral damage, another is a hodge podge mix of leather jacket clad nature boy... slightly eco-footprint without being preachy about it, and the other? The other is sly and hot and aware and UNAPOLOGETIC about none of those things. Thus, it's a toss up to determine just who I enjoyed most- Ezra, for his cocky asshole ways, or Lock for all those smooth moments balanced out by the not-so smooth ones, or Ava- all resigned over the way things are but plodding on and being snarky nonetheless! Or perhaps, them together is what made each of them shine. (Yup, I'm going with the last one.)

But more than the nice they're each capable of, there's the funnier WISE GUY bit they had going for them. They're not the good-guys by typical standards: muscle, assassin, and thief, each crack made by one or the other painted a clear picture of them as a team- one aware of what the other is capable of or what the other's about to do. And funny because of it. There's genuine camaraderie present plus the knowledge of one another that makes for interesting dynamics; because there's them in a sort of comfort zone (mindful of pigeonholes versus possibilities,) but hellbent on not shaking things up. But with the shaking up being inevitable... Gah! all that pressure, all that tension Gah! me thinking back to the Lock and Ava moments has me wanting to reread this... and I just finished it too!

Now that Clique-y group friend thing aside, the dark aspect in this was equally engaging. There's that dark underbelly mafia feel, with more than one crazy present. I liked it even as I am now left with a want to know more. In other words, there's more of Ava and Lock an Ez to come, right?! Right? (Tell me I'm not wishing for the impossible here, people!)

Thank you, NG!

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