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Attraction and Heat (Elements of Chemistry#1&2) by Penny Reid

Attraction (Elements of Chemistry, #1)Attraction by Penny Reid
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Bunsen Burner Bingo! Thank Mike, the second book comes out this month's end.

Heat (Elements of Chemistry, #2)Heat by Penny Reid
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

"I am glad that you think all of those things, and I believe you. But I am not going to magically think that I am beautiful or perfect or talented just because you do. I have to get there myself. I have to believe those things for myself-- not because I have a boyfriend... If I base my self-worth on someone's opinion or view of me  then I will also base my lack of self-worth on that person's opinion as well. And that has the potential of tearing me to pieces."

This is NA right? Because there were surprising moments of eloquence here that are chock full of WIN/fist-sky feels (see above.) Yet it is the very same profound statements that had me stepping back and reassessing what it was that I enjoyed out of this.

In her Knitting series, Penny Reid's socially inept but otherwise brilliant protagonists won me over. Simply, Reid writes awkward well; she also writes sexy well... balancing the two here this time around is where things get iffy. I much more believed the interplay between her brilliant but flawed leads in the Neanderthal books though than  I did in this one, for neither Parker nor Sandeke sounded their age. Certainly, much explanation is given as to why that is the case but... I still couldn't wrap my head around them as individuals and more so them as a couple. The words coming out of their mouths should have rang right but felt more like teacheable/ing moments that eventually felt contrived.

A sense not aided by his or her references to doing the right thing or the strong thing or even choosing so and so over what-not. Basically, the funny yet profound that I enjoyed in her previous books, while still present here, were not as evident.

There's a hell whole lot of sexy and then a load of wise... but the two aspects didn't always end up going in sync. Was it that they're both a little bit too young to be so profound/ jaded/wise/ extreme? That would be stupidly simplistic  of me to say. But,  OK, let me be simplistic for now because just didn't buy it (completely.)

Or  perhaps it is that the two here are both extremes of some sort...Him, a billionaire in the making, scheming, arrogant, etcetera.  Her,  likewise brilliant and beautiful YET unaware of those same things? Him, so very, very bad. Her, so very, very good?

Despite my reassessing and nitpicking, I still liked this... mostly, because they are awkward, because they are brilliant, because things got sexy. Basically, all my complaints I had just previously ran through are the very things that have me wanting to go over this.

For an NA, (and a novella-length NA part of a serial at) this sure has me conflicted!

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